Project Management Solution Features


Milestone Tracking
Track Project Milestones
Smart Dashboards
Project Progress
Overall Program Progress


Resource Management
Workflow to assign tasks
Realtime Workload
Perfomance KPIs


Embedded Analytics
Realtime Performance Rankings
Project Analytics
Share Dashboards
Create your own Analysis


Integrated Financials
Expenses Management
Invoice Management
Define and track Budget
PM to Accountant Communication
Single Entry Place


Permission Based Access
Permissions by Role
System Admin Functionalities
Client’s and Team Access control


CRM Functions
Create and Manage Clients
Create and Manage Contacts
Create and Manage Places


Timesheet Integration
Timesheet pulls data from Tasks
All in one place
Embedded Analytics for Timesheet


Individual Project Performance
Individual Team Performance
Project Portfolio Performance
Create your own Analytics


Portfolio Management
Manage Thousands of Projects
Define Templates and Track Them
Standardize your company reports
Link Reports to field data


Workforce Planning
Manage actual backlog
Manage Resource Forecast
Optimize your Team Allocation


File Management
Upload/Download Files per Project
Share Files with Expiration
Permission Based Access
Large files Upload


Expertise Matrix
Define an expertise matrix
Assign your team accordingly
Map your strengths

Project Management Solution Combo

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Our Approach

We are extremely committed to our client’s success and we have massive experience in running companies with more than 500 people working with projects.

We could claim that implementing a Project Management Solution is easy and with a couple of videos you should be able to operate the system, but it is not.

Companies with different sizes and complexities have different implementation times because changing the way you manage your business, processes, and projects take effort and dedication.

If you are up to it, get in contact and we will be glad to start working with you.

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