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Finding the right leader profile to implement a project/program management solution

Scenario: We usually think about implementing a solution to help our company to get better. We research for solutions, talk to other folks and even try somethings on-line. We get together with our team and discuss the possibilities and where to go. We agree on the direction and talk to representatives (or consultants) of the solution company we want to buy. The meetings where great and the project is ready to start.

The meetings take place, a lot of information is thrown at the consultants and weeks, months pass by without real improvement of the process. Then, the solution starts to get used and the results are far away from what was expected. So, what happened? Who do you go after to get responses of what is going on? If thought about going after the consultants, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The problem: If you are implementing a solution that will help you transform your business, no doubts you should name an owner from your side. It takes time and effort to change the way you do business and it is not going to be someone from the outside that will do it.

It is essential that you pick the right person with the right profile and name him/her owner of the implementation. He/She should be responsible for making it happen and reporting everything back to the leaders of the company. They should work closely with the consultants to make it happen in a way that will work for the company, not the other way around.

Solution: Since this is one of the most important aspects of a successful implementation, you must find the right leader to guide the team through the implementation journey. And it is very important to understand that without the right leadership there is no chance of success. So here are a few tips of what to look for on candidates for this position:

·         Does this person knows your business processes (sales, operations, finance, accounting)?

·         Is this person used to change management?

·         Does this person fully understand the reasons you are implementing the solution?

·         Is this person onboard with the whole change that is coming ahead?

·         Does this person has the right communication skills?

·         Does this person has good transit around the different areas of company?

·         Does this person has the availability to own this project?

Try to get positive answers to all of this before defining who will be your leader. Doing this will increase dramatically your chances of success.

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