About Crunchflow

Crunchflow was created to address the main friction points of growing companies. For more than 15 years, Crunchflow’s executives and collaborators struggled to integrate and apply different software solutions to solve workflow problems.

It became clear that a radical new solution had to be found to address these points of friction — an integrative solution that would help other leaders streamline their own businesses, based on organized data with analytical capabilities.

To better define the idea and the solution, our team went back and analyzed just when, where and how those points of friction developed. The story was always the same:

Year 1 – A group of entrepreneurs get together, found a company and begin to pursue work in a niche market. They win their first contracts and start to hire new people.

Year 2 – As the receivables and payables grow, greater cash flow predictability becomes necessary. Enter the (1) financial software and (2) timesheet and expenses software.

Year 3 – As the team and the number of projects/products grow, a project/inventory management tool becomes necessary. Enter (3) a project/inventory management solution.

Year 4 – As the client list grows, a CRM becomes necessary. Add (4) a CRM solution.

Year 5 – As the projects/products increase, better document/file management is needed. Enter (5) a Document Management Solution.

Year 6 – All software solutions work, but in silos. Clients start to complain about late deliveries. Cashflow management is confusing. Documents are hard to find. Staff efficiency declines. Chaos arrives.



This history repeats itself over and over every year, everywhere. So how to bring this chaos into a positive flow? How to Crunch chaos into a smooth flow? Through Crunchflow.

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